Video Packages

Music video packages for Yorkshire, Manchester and Lancashire

We cater for any budget

Music videos used to have enormous budgets. At the same time the ability to produce such videos was well out of our reach. Experts and hugely expensive kit were required for every camera trick, equipment setup and then a team to organise all of this.

Thankfully, while some can still afford to spend millions, a music video is now within reach of any act. We know that funds are tight, but we enjoy making music videos so much that we are happy to make them at below the kind of rates required to sustain a video company. It’s great to be able to give something back to the music scene!

We offer 3 price ranges

  • £349 – for a song made from footage of a live gig or short, basic studio/location shoot
  • £499 – our staple package – perfect for a low budget, yet highly effective cinematic music video
  • The Sky’s the Limit – £500 – £50,000

Feel free to mix packages between different videos. We can also incorporate unused live footage into future £499 videos too.

We hope you find one of these generous price ranges perfect for your video. As we need to run Pixel Factory as a whole on a commercial basis, budget music video shoots are limited so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and get yours booked in.