The Sky’s the Limit

When Only The Best Will Do

While we are perfectly at home on smaller videos, our general corporate video experience means that we are fully capable of producing more expensive videos.

We have experience of working with arena acts on massive live shows both on stage, in front of stage, backstage and in interviews. As well as this we have created videos for large multinational companies with well known presenters as well as high profile celebrity events.

In other words we’re just itching to get to work on some high budget videos so that we can really push the boat out and demonstrate our talents!

Larger budgets allow more studio time, multiple shoots, more crew, time to do complex effects and time to edit it all together into the ultimate promotional package.

Extra songs can also be produced as videos for £200 per song.

Here’s some examples in the £1000 to £2000 price range but we have the capabilities to go far higher!