Promotional Music Videos Huddersfield West Yorkshire

Promotional music videos in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Watch – Listen – Get Noticed!

Combining our love of music with many years of experience making video in general of all types and sizes for customers of all sizes, music promos give us a chance to release our creativity to the full.

We have been selected to make films at some of the largest and most well known music venues in the UK but are just as at home making videos with bands making their first recordings.

A music video makes people give you their full attention when they click to listen. It’s very hard to get a listener to click “play” online and not be distracted by what else is on the page. Next thing they’ve opened up a completely different site and forgotten they were meant to be listening to you in the first place. A good video engages a listener so much that they’ll stay to the end.

Combined with a great song the result is creative dynamite! We have a massive studio at our disposal in Huddersfield which can be hired for as little as £200. Alternatively we can film at any premises you have permission to use. It’s worth noticing that most of your local competition won’t have a video anywhere near the quality that we provide. It can give you a huge advantage in the local area and , who knows, worldwide? Because now the whole world can watch, it’s a level playing field.

A music video gives you the opportunity to:

  • Increase your chances of landing bigger gigs.
  • Increase your position on the bill.
  • Increase your chances of getting signed.
  • Increase your record and mp3 sales.
  • Increase your chance of being on TV.

At Sonic Image we have the experience and talent to make the most of your budget whatever size it is to make a music video that will get you noticed and be heard!

Please check out the samples in our music video promo below: