Music Photography

Huddersfield based music and band photography services

Smile For The Camera…Or Act Moody

Our moving image expertise transfers perfectly to still photography.

In fact it is the appliance of still photographic skills to our video work that allows us to produce such breathtaking footage in the first place. We are perfectly at home creating still photography of all types for bands, with experience of shooting professionally at major festivals and arena tours.

A set of professional photos can take your band up a step and helps cultivate an image in a way that a few snaps by a friend cannot hope to compete with. Instead of the camera simply showing what you look like, we can make the camera make you look how you want to see yourselves. Every time you advertise yourselves you can look like you’ve already made it.

We offer:

  • Band photoshoots
  • Live concert photoshoots
  • Event and festival photographt
  • Venue and instrument photography
  • Photo Retouching

We can usually combine a video shoot with a photo shoot in the same setting, whether a studio shoot or at a live show or festival. This can be extremely cost effective for you.

Another option is to use stills from 4k video footage. Since every frame is nearly the size of a large still, it can be outputted as such. That means any single moment has been captured rather than the still photography being lucky enough to capture it at that moment.

Please take a look at our samples to see how well our skills transfer to the still image.