Festivals and Events

Video for any size of Festival or Event!

Sonic Image and it’s parent company Pixel Factory have covered music events of all sizes and types. From huge music  festivals to major arena tours to small indoor all-dayers and shows.

We have made official festival and tour films featuring major name artists but for various reasons can’t include them on the site. As well as huge weddings with famous acts and interviews with major stars.

We have also created all the TV advertising campaigns for major tours.


We offer the following services for festival

  • Festival highlights videos
  • Festival documentaries
  • TV and internet video advertising
  • Festival photography
  • Festival webcasts
  • Festival interviews
  • LED and projection screen visuals

Show people what they missed or provide yourselves and your audience with a chance to experience it all over again. By the time we’re done it can be even better than actually being there.

Video on the internet allows you to connect with and expand your fanbase, inform them and keep them bang up to date with your latest goings on.

Internet video is probably the most cost effective form of marketing in the current age. Harness it’s power to create awareness and sell your band, your event or your venue.