About Us

The home of the £499 Music Video Promo!

Sonic Image Music Video Production

Sonic Image is the label we use for our music video productions.

We have been making videos, motion graphics and 2D/3D animations professionally since the turn of the millenium and relish the opportunity to apply these skills to music videos.

We have been entrusted to work with known celebrity presenters and interviewees, and have been specially selected to cover major arenas tours, festivals and theatre performances, as well as providing the TV and online advertising campaigns and hours of motion graphics for the on stage LCD screen and projection backgrounds. However, we are just at home, filming small local bands in local pubs or in their humble studios.

We realise that budgets for most bands are practically non existant but use their experience and creativity to make thoroughly engaging videos on a micro budget. Most of the promos on the site fall into our £500 bracket! That’s a couple of nights out for a band of 5 and can help propel you to national radio and video airplay. Our acts have gained regular airplay on national BBC Radio as well as Sky TV channels via the professional image that our video has projected onto their already great music. One act, Nancy Ann Lee became the winner of the prestigious Best Female Vocalist at The British Country Music Awards.

We began working in music videos 12 years ago. One of the first live shoots we did was with The Kaiser Chiefs before they’d even thought of becoming the Kaiser Chiefs, that’s how long ago that was. While highly creative, we have to admit that our videos were very rudimentary as we were constrained by the non filmic look of video cameras at the time. The shots, the editing, the graphics were all great but they didn’t look like the expensive videos on TV. The cameras and the lack of a £50,000 budget but paid to that!

However, in recent years, there have been tremendous increases in affordable camera technology. At the same time everything has got smaller. A lot of those production values that required that £50,000 budget and vans full of equipment operators and people to organise it all can fit into the back of a small van. A crew of 1 or 2 talented people can make those kind of shots unassisted!
This brings the budget, way, way down. We combine this with the same editing colour grading and motion graphics effects on a micro budget. Now anyone can look like a real rock star!

We love making music videos and it really shows. We want every promo to look as good as it can with the constraints we’re given and throw in everything including the kitchen sink every time.
Corporate videos allow us great scope to be creative but music videos allow us to unleash our creativity in full. We are grateful for that opportunity and are happy to work for these reduced rates to do so.

Online and Broadcast Video

Video on the internet allows you to connect with and expand your fanbase, inform them and keep them bang up to date with your latest goings on.

Online video is probably the most cost effective form of marketing in the current age. Harness it’s power to create awareness and sell your band, your event or your venue.

Why stop at the internet? Our videos are good enough for TV and today’s channels are often broadcast around the world.

A music video is an investment but not many investments are this much fun to make. You put your heart and soul into your music. It deserves to be seen as well as heard!