£349 Package

Great for capturing the Atmosphere

Our most basic package is ideal for bands who wish to capture their essence and the highlights of their live show in a promo for a single song. Typically the main song will be filmed by at least 2 cameras and then this footage will be cut with the best shots from the rest of the gig. The sound is usually from your own recording although live audio can be captured via mics and the mixing desk if possible. This normally works best for songs played closely to their studio counterparts.

We then go to work giving it a cinematic look, making it look even better than being there!

This is a great option where it is difficult to get your band together for a studio shoot or want your live show to be the showcase that you want to present to the world. We can also do this package for a basic studio or location shoot as an alternative to the more intricate £499 shoot. Live footage can also be added to a studio or location shoot to make up the £499 shoot.

Extra songs can also be produced as videos for £200 per song.


The £349 package includes

  • Filming of a concert in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire or Greater Manchester. Filming anywhere else in the North of England £50-£100 more depending on distance.
  • Or a 2.5 hour shoot at a studio(hired by yourselves or by us at extra cost)
  • 8 hours’ editing and colour grading
  • High quality mp4 file for uploading to web sites
  • audio recording if possible.

For £349 you can let the world know what they’ve been missing!